Design case studies

Conscious Prevention

Blending cardiology, a holistic approach and preventive medicine into an identity that makes a new form of medicine more familiar.

Cardiology Campaign

How do you motivate preventive medical care without relying on fear?

become established

Every man has value, but sometimes he needs a little help to ensure that everyone sees it. 

SEM Analysis

Technological advances demand exquisitely accurate analysis; this software simplifies the path to perfection.

Innovative Instrument

A wide range of technical specifications are captured in the personalities of four musicians with different needs and desires.

Accessible Technology

Code-laced images visually demonstrate how thoughtfully designed technology creates access to community, commerce and education in this annual report.

Tech competition

Coding competitions in several cities share a single message – accessibility is heroic work that improves the lives of people with disabilities.

Fitness Program

Logos describe a focused fitness program limited to just six women and the remarkable trainer who inspires them.

PCB Prototyping

A technology rework and prototyping company identity sets them apart from their smaller competitors.

Electronic Engineering

An engineering firm that provides embedded design services focuses on quality and craftmanship.

content case studies


Manufacturing future

The future of manufacturing relies on educational initiatives, which are the focus of a new association.
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Top Rankings

Central Texas has much to offer residents and visitors, from employment to recreation.
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Luckenbach, Texas

Luckenbach is a one-road town with a Texas-sized reputation for music and good times.
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Peach Season in Texas

Millions of bushels of Texas peaches are waiting to be picked, cooked and eaten.
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Lost Maples

The Lost Maples State Natural Area provides a magnificent autumn setting in the heart of Texas.
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Halloween Events

Places to experience and celebrate Halloween and the all-too-short autumn.
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Stonewall jamboree

A local small-town peach festival is one of the best in the region, including food, rodeo and more.
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Naturally Green

Techniques and advice for using less water and pesticide in Central Texas gardens.
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The Ol' Swimmin' Hole

Rest and relax at one of the swimming holes in Central Texas – nature's version of a day spa.
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The Texas BBQ Tradition

Who makes the best bar-b-cue in Central Texas? The world may never know.
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