How Does A Man Want To Be Perceived?

We want to perceived as worthy of consideration; as experts and authorities. We want to be taken seriously; we want the opportunity to direct and advise — to lead, and to be worthy of our followers. As we achieve these ends, we become established. 

In the initial conversations with the client, these were the primary threads, and these needs inspired the company name. "Established" reflects both the feeling a man wants to create in his colleagues and how he wants to feel about himself: he knows that his confidence influences every outcome. The company name also created the opportunity for a unique advertising campaign designed to showcase the inherent value of every man. 

"Sartorial" was added to clarify the service offerings. But the wordmark, by itself, carried a touch of unnecessary bravado. The client wasn't interested in serving just the cookie-cutter handsome men found in most menswear advertising — he wanted to consciously appeal to every type of man. The addition of a dapper, monocled mascot tells potential customers that every bear can look his best. 

A color palette was chosen from a methodology of menswear: conservative clothes belied by just a touch of bold color. Grey and navy shades are accompanied by orange and pink, with a pair of khaki trousers packed away just in case. The colors have been used to create herringbones and plaids for use in packaging.  

Photographs capture moments of establishment: a first date, an award, a business opening, a wedding. Images place the company offerings into the context of the customers, who become part of the brand. Their images and stories tie into the advertising campaign, built on the company name. 

Business papers incorporate the slogan, an extension of the company name. As you "become established" in your career, your community, and your life, we'll help you look your best.